Engaging Patient and Family Partners Across the Organization


Care Partnership at St. Joseph’s Health Care London

Our vision is to earn the complete confidence of every patient, resident and family caregiver we serve. We are committed to living our values of respect, excellence and compassion. Listening and partnering with our patients, residents and caregivers are two essential behaviours that help us achieve this.

St. Joseph’s Care Partnership Framework (2016) is alive across all facets of the organization from design and delivery of direct care to quality improvement, research and advocacy. Including patients, residents and family caregivers as partners is critical in creating meaningful experiences, best outcomes and empowered communities.

Intentional patient, resident and family caregiver engagement is a practice expected of every one of us at St. Joseph’s, regardless of role. How this shows up in your day-to-day work may range from taking the time to introduce yourself and ask a family caregiver how they are doing, to working with patient and family partners in co-design to create a new resource in your area.

The Care Partnership Office was created in 2020 to support and sustain this work.

This toolkit was created as a guide to the Care Partnership Framework and key principles of engagement as they apply to patients, residents and family caregivers at St. Joseph’s.

We are proud of the excitement and willingness of our teams to continue to grow our combined skill and practice in care partnership. Thank you, as always, for your care and commitment to those we serve.


Roy Butler,
President and Chief Executive Officer

Patricia Hoffer,
Chief Communications Officer
Director, Volunteer Services

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How to Engage and Partner

The first step is understanding the what and the why of engagement and partnership. Navigate your way through the definition of care partnership and explanation of the St Joseph’s Care Partnership framework to reinforce your understanding.

From there you are ready to learn about how to begin or strengthen your own journey with engaging Care Partners through direct care, quality improvement and planning and engaging in advocacy within your program or team. Make use of the examples of past projects, identified best practices and customized tools to help you get started.

Connect with the Care Partnership team for support, education and resources at any time.



Why We Engage and Partner


Engagement Types and Levels


Care Partnership Office


Direct Care


Quality Improvement and Planning


Engagement in Advocacy

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