Recruiting and Training Partners

Pathway for Patients and Family Caregivers to Become Partners

Patient and family partner recruitment is a joint effort between the Care Partnership Office and all staff and physicians at St. Joseph’s.

The Care Partnership Office maintains a registry of patients and family caregivers who are interested in being engaged as partners. Leaders and staff can also identify potential partners through their work.

Download "Pathways for Identifying Patient Family Partners" PDF

Download "Responsibilities and Expectations" PDF

Download "Request for Patients and Family Partners" PDF

Download "Questions to Consider When Recruiting Patient and Family Partners" PDF


Orientation and Training

All patient and family partners will participate in general training through the Care Partnership Office. Training will cover topics such as: hand hygiene, emergency response codes, and privacy and confidentiality.

Leaders and staff who are engaging patient and family partners in their work will be responsible for further orienting partners to their individual initiatives. This may include: specific information about the care program or quality improvement initiative, a tour of the building, information about parking, introduction to project team members, etc.

Meet Nedra

Nedra’s father Abe participates in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Nedra has been the primary family caregiver for her father through previous emergency admissions and regularly attends his appointments with him for support. She is always highly engaged and asks great questions. Even though there were some challenges during her father’s transition into the program, Nedra has always remained open to problem solving together. Ellen, a nurse educator, sees many qualities that would make Nedra an excellent candidate to be a Family Partner if she is interested. The next time Abe is in for an appointment, Ellen asks Nedra if she would be interested in learning about becoming a Patient and Family Partner, sharing some materials and asking if she would like to be connected to the Care Partnership Office.

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