Direct Care

In direct care, we aim to engage patients, residents and family caregivers as full partners in decisions about personal care and health care.

There is growing recognition of the importance and benefits of patient- and family-centered care approaches. Patient and family engagement is a central element of bringing that to life (Barry & Edgman-Levitan, 2012). In health care settings, patient, resident and family caregiver engagement helps us to better understand a patient/resident’s context, needs and preferences. It is also helpful when coordinating other health and community services.

Greater engagement of patients and family caregivers in care planning and decision-making improves

  • patient and family experience
  • quality of care
  • health outcomes

(Coulter & Ellins, 2007; IPFCC 2012)

Nurse sitting with an elderly lady

How Do We Engage With Patients, Residents and Families in Direct Care?

At St. Joseph’s, engaging with patients, residents and caregivers as partners in care starts with communication and dialogue. Open and transparent communication builds trust and respect. Staff and providers should continue to enhance how they build relationships with patients and families, with trust, respect, dignity and communication being front and centre.

Patients and family caregivers bring valuable insights into care planning. Through working together, patients, family caregivers and health care providers become partners in care and can achieve powerful results (CPSI, 2017).

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