What is Engagement and Partnership?

Defining Engagement

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Why We Engage and Partner?

Engaging with patients and family caregivers in direct care, program planning and advocacy is essential for our organization.

Partnering with patients and family caregivers in direct care, program planning and quality improvement, and advocacy, brings a more fulsome perspective and provides new ways of looking at ideas. Involving patient and family caregivers in our work improves quality of care, care experiences and care outcomes (Carmen, 2013). Furthermore, partnering with patients and family caregivers allows their voices to be heard and to be full partners in their care and in the design of their services at St. Joseph’s.

Value statements have been developed in consultation with patient/family partners, staff and are evidence-informed.

Value of Patient/Family Partners to St. Joseph’s

  • Models a commitment to the principles of people (residents, patients, caregivers and staff and physicians) centered care
  • Contributes to our vision to earn complete confidence
  • Provides diverse perspective and insight from patient and family partners
  • Adds depth and value to decision making processes
  • Learn from the professional and personal experiences of patient and family partners

Value to Patient and Family

  • Provides an opportunity to give back and contribute to health care delivery and system in a tangible and meaningful way
  • Serve as a valued contributor to St. Joseph’s commitment to people centered care
  • Opportunity to participate in initiatives that improve quality, safety, access and delivery of care across all facets of the organization
  • Provided with a diverse array of choices such as QI and research, as well as different levels of involvement across the care partnership framework
  • Opportunity to leverage professional and personal experiences to the benefit of the organization and those we serve
  • Provide perspective and insights which will support/enhance the patient/resident experience
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