Engagement Types and Levels

Levels of Engagement

There are various levels of engagement that a patient/family partner may wish to choose from. The levels range from Inform (patient/family partners receive information) to Empower (the final decision is made by patient/family partners). The level at which someone wishes to be engaged may vary depending on the specific situation. For example, there may be instances where the patient/family caregiver has a change in their own life circumstances and can no longer attend meetings; however they would still like to provide input through surveys (Consult). In other situations, the patient/family caregiver may have a lot of experience, expertise and knowledge about a particular project/event and may which to be fully engaged, providing input, collaborating on solutions and jointly making decisions (Collaborate).

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Types of Engagement

  • Direct Care – decisions about personal and health care
  • Program/Hospital Planning – decisions about quality of care and quality of services
  • Advocacy – Influence how health care is delivered at regional/provincial level
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