Within the Care Partnership framework advocacy means influencing how health care is delivered. Throughout the levels of engagement, advocacy could take many forms including:

  • Inform. Patients/families are informed about leaders’/governors’ advocacy for system change
  • Consult. Patients/families provide feedback prior to leaders/governors’ advocating for system change
  • Involve. Patients/families aspirations and concerns are considered and factored into leaders’/governors’ advocacy efforts
  • Collaborate. Patients/families partner with leaders/ governors to advocate in developing alternatives and preferred solutions; system advocacy is done with patients/families
  • Empower. Patients/families advocate for system change based on the information and tools provided to them by leaders/governors and supported by leaders/governors

Use the experienced based co-design resources (link to resource page), or reach out to the Care Partnership office directly to support your work for achieving a full spectrum levels of advocacy within your program and throughout our organization.

Question and answer session with team members
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